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The Release Pt. II (feat Camille Zhang) Visualizer x Lyrics

Visualizer by Cosmo Free

Stream "The Release Pt.II" on all streaming platforms here:


Verse 1-

Done lost my mind like

for the thousandth time

I allow you to

hear it once more

behind a rhyme

as john doe

paid to numb skulls

descendants of Fred Flintstone

missed shit again (Michigan)

Dirty Water

bare my sins

for your guidance

giving strength

across waters

I believe

deceased triumph

between the world and I

letter to

unborn sons

our psalms dawn

so bury me a side of Chris

ain’t got no time

to fucking waste on you peasants

Never caught a body

but came close

to yours today

a common mistake

Niggas o Blige to fake love

in this dancery

we get drunk off

redrum slurring

bullets with TLC

in waterfalls

at war against

our own avatars

Super slap bitch niggas

holding all elements

as sonic


ghetto delfonics like

*Camille Zhang Sample*

Verse 2:

Dropped my tour dates

everyone wants a piece

next day pops

in the hospital

I feel no peace

its me against the world

these niggas suspicious

saying I’m going to Switzerland

they yelling

“yeah let’s get it”

grieving different

taking all bullets

from God’s clip

constantly awaiting for

this storm to run

out of rain

swim through

this bitch resurrected

like DROGAS Wave

The fiascos

kick, push


out the way

I been under pressure

Westside 110

tech under the dresser


niggas tried to kidnap me

same week lost my job

the last days

I hear

my father speak

y’all don’t hear me though

last girl wanted

to fuck my friends

left my heart broke

picking up pieces

I dig

a bigger hole

turning friends

into foes

wondering the fuck

what dey hittin fo?

*beat switch*

america’s most

burnt contracts

to use ashes

as a past tense

hang masters

off stars

dancing with cannons

rap children lost

wonder who

they father is

It’s Chris Siders bitch

No need Maury Povich

hoe stay focused

even when death is

calling sober

I have no Morale

when dying hard

for my family

y’all can have

the fickle crowd

there’s no love

that can ground me

*beat switch*

Verse 3:

Got problems

with resentment

lustful temptations

got me

moving different

I’ll admit I’m pretty sick

more than the motion

you hear in flows

mental breakdowns

in parking lots

please hold me close

contradict the feeling

as I ghost

gage levels

of where you at

dear friend can you hear me out

while I don’t hold back?

still got love for you

homie just understand

where I’m at

change is


i’m scared to let go

cling to love shown

need to let go


calling it off

is good

for us both

I want my friend back

Chris in the purest form

preach about moving forward

but haven’t processed

Habits of

open my heart

but not my wallet

recent partners

took advantaged

just to feel valid

getting flowers

back in June

started a damn argument

meanwhile getting tagged

in all

my ex's posts

wanted distance

so take me out

your garden

like a rose

next album about us

nothing to brag

and boast

egos ignite a cold war

still want to speak though

wanted apologize

to my auntie for her loss

Addiction is the cost

of me not speaking much

My Cousin

your daughter

My father

your brother

In this resting

I sober

to grieve and recover

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