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“Silhouettes Of Scarlet” is an hip hop musical/play production that navigates the seven stages of grief and how it coincides with the seven deadly sins amidst dealing with Stockholm syndrome.


In this psychological-drama and romance production based on real life events, James, a 30 year old spoken word/rapper artist, suddenly loses his father to death while exiting an abusive relationship with his former partner, Scarlet.


Processing these losses, James not only enmeshed the death of Lanair and the loss his former partner, he actively succumbs to vices in attempt to numb excruciating pain rather than confronting them head on or participate in activities that contributes to his emotional strength. Part-taking in vices make it difficult for James to accept his losses. 


Being in this state of mental purgatory prevents James from other important matter such as his family and career as an artist. Will James be able to be able to develop the tools to co-exist with his losses or become overshadowed by grief?


“Save me from myself.”

Show premieres at The Hudson Theatre

Hollywood, California

Show Dates:

Saturday, June 8th. 4:30pm

Thursday, June 20th. 8:30pm

Friday, June 28th. 8:30pm

Tickets available for NOW here.

Facebook Event Page.

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