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My Services

Chris Siders has offer a diverse range of Spoken Word services to several communities such as: 

Dominican University, CSU Monterey Bay, CSU Dominguez Hills, Beyond Baroque, Hartnell College, Tannery Arts Center, Southwest Los Angeles College, Menlo College, Seaside High School, Carson High School, Middlebury Institute of International Studies, Woodbury University, AIM for Mental Health Organization, Museum Of Neon Art, Stanford University, NAACP (Monterey Branch), Stella Adler, UC Santa Barbara, CSU Los Angeles, UCLA, Washington State University, Pearl Hour, Salinas 1st Annual Juneteenth Celebration, Old Capitol Books. 

Below you will find all the services he offers.


Power Of You


Power Of You Workshop
-Gear towards student activists on college/university campuses
-utilize poetry as tools to mobilize
-utilize poetry as a tool to empower self
-engage community members to causes that are important

The MisAdventures Of Chris Siders

Spoken Word Performance

30-60 Minute Spoken Word Performance focusing on: 


-Police Brutality

-Student Activism

-Being Black & Queer

-Vulnerability & more

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"I Don't Poetry"


-understand the basics of writing a poem
-transforming your thoughts and trauma into a poem
-acquire new approaches and structures on writing a poem

Project: Cry More


-deconstruct patriarchy
-how men are effected by patriarchy
-understanding the need to feel emotions
-utilizing poetry as a tool for vulnerability
-how to uplift & empower the women in our lives

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Defy All Odds

Motivational Speaking

-Overcoming homelessness
-Emerging as a survivor of sexual assault
-Being a Black & Queer 
-Living with PTSD and Anxiety
-Becoming an "hero" to yourself & others

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