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The Release Pt.1 (Official Lyric Video)

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Let’s go

This is my release

This is my release

Verse 1:

Not sure of

where to start

niggas I don’t know

telling me to protect my heart

need to fall apart

chaotically over break beats

and the soil of this culture

Where I roam so blindly

fuck all that fast rap

lyrical backflips

when my brother

was alive nigga

stay packing

at 13

understood my world

when niggas tried to rob me

so I stayed inside

for years like a

mothafuckin’ covid patient

anxiety grown deeper

and the distance from

my parents

fear retaliation on both ends

getting my ass beat

for being weak

or niggas finishing the job

before grasp love

that I desperately seek

pride kills me softly

finger twirling

around my cracked heart

sprinkling addictions

This pamphlet

of my life

for the past 12 months

with the admission

of my fuck ups

sincerely love

my brothers from shadows

and I could’ve done better

instead of back pedaling




people pleasing, savior complex

united in grief

defy the things

that once brought us closer

tears wading the concrete

couldn’t to hold us

ego issues

continue to dig up

these memory corpses

I struggle staying focus

dissociate in spirit communication

but I never heed the warning

vices costs a peace (piece)

of light why

the freaks roam at night

when I see


man its on sight


release everything

in my mind

to get right

release everything

in my mind

to get right

release everything

in my mind

to get..

Verse 2:


citrine stones

from Arizona

I bent the corner

avoiding unknowns

trying to erase me

blocks down the street

from where I sleep

stood the ghost of man

holding a shotgun

out of Alabama

who passed away

two weeks later

my father

survive by a daughter

multiple sons

final lesson

saying if she’s worth it

then fight for it son

after all trials

my love still burns

for you

You said

this void you left

is huge

and I’m eager

to fill it up

still all in

remember the night

That you asked to

hold my hand

Now I’m nervous

of saying

the wrong things again

Just want you

in my arms

and I can hold it down



That I screamed so loud

getting the news

that my dad passed away

that I called a hotline


Verse 3:

the family man

when its all said and done

bring the Siders name

to light in

my mothafuckin vision

don’t ever tell me to work harder

mothafuck ______

bitch ass scam artist

making money off of poets

free.99 for my unfiltered thoughts

out trying to get it

while moms

sitting in the dark

baby boy suicidal

on open mic recitals

trying to end my days

on a fucking high note

booking international

When its me against the world


How many lives

can be lived in one?

all this shit barely occurred

in the first month

And I’m fucking tired

Fuck this shit

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